MIFF 2013: Animation Shorts

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I was mighty excited to hit up the animation shorts at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. Not only do I get unreasonably excited by a good animation but I was delighted to spot an old school mate’s name as one of the short films creators. Leanne Lee’s film , The Wolf, The Demon and The Moon is succinctly summed up as “The Mythical tale of a wolf, her cubs, and how things came to be”,  which is exactly was it is in a homage to old folklores and mythical tales. The pin-drop moment at the end was an all round “ahhh” moment that resonates right back through the animation.

Jonathon Ng‘s Requiem for a Romance was another stand out for me. We hear a contemporary romance fall apart as we watch a Kung Fu battle on screen. Unique style and even better story telling, this heart-wrenching modern day love story was one that really hit home for me. A definite favourite.

Humour was in abundance in Ulrich Totier’s Us.  It was simply just a bundle of laughter in the form of a rock. If you thought rock’s weren’t funny before, they definitely are now. Classic silent film gags all the way through , kept me in giggling stitches.

Osman Cerfon’s Like Rabbits (Sticky Ends chap.2), was again Hilarious (capital H indeed). It was crude and dirty and oh-so funny. A miserable tale of a bad luck bubble in a burnt out old theme park. It was dark and delightful. A colourful mess to watch and a horrible realisation of what you were giggling at. The theatre was roaring with reactions all through this 8 minute funfest.

Germany’s Merlin Flügel’s Echo was odd to another level, but i loved it. It was a bizarre and lord knows I may have missed all intended meaning. That said it had me curious, I found myself laughing at most characters strange movements not knowing exactly why, contorting my neck to see things when I wasn’t sure what I was looking at exactly and every time some thing new appeared on screen or a twist on something that had already appeared –  I found myself continuously amused and a bit befuddled. There were many strange elements and slight workings upon reworkings of repeated imagery and motifs that may have made sense for second but then promptly departed in another direction. Strange etchings that appeared in the corner of the screen like film rolls being changed, and that for some reason stuck with me , etching itself into my mind.. This was but one of the strange visuals I was left with that  I can still see quite clearly. A fond one of the night , but again – I’m not sure why.

All in all a solid session from all around the world and just another reminder how animators are just a rare breed of human and I’m glad their patience and talent continue to grace our screens.

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