Monthly’s ‘On The Road With Julia Gillard’

By July 28, 2013Uncategorized

This was a good read. I personally enjoy a good feature article or an essay but it’s not often we get a chance to read anything beyond a 140 character brain burst or “no more than 250 word” word spurt in our snapchat generation.

Regardless of your stance on our pass-the-parcel politicians I recommend a read of this as an alternative insight to the same old drivel we are fed of our politicians. It might be a softened view of Julia Gillard but at least it’s something new. It also highlights some glaring disappointments of our political stage because like it or not , there were some real gender disparity issues in the treatment of Julia Gillard. It also does well in shaming the Australian media in how very disappointing they were in their scandal-mongering tactics even when all there was to focus on was a sad looking sandwich.

All in all, nice to sit down and have a solid read.

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